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Hofer’s Computer Fix it

IT/Software Engineering

Address: 308 CHASE CT
STREAMWOOD, Illinois 60107-1563
Phone: (630) 945-8245

This Business carries liability insurance

During this challenging time, we have learned how to use Technology and with 38+ years of computer related experience we at HCFI are the certified computer experts remotely making house calls… at very reasonable special rates for HBC parishoners.

We can install, configure, troubleshoot and repair all kinds of PC’s. From Desktops to Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets, even Servers, Wireless Units and SmartPhones. We can also upgrade existing computer systems as well as help with the much needed internet connectivity issues.

Hofer’s Computer Fix It aims to give our customer$ the be$t dollar value in computer $ervice$ for their hard earned buck$. HCFI gives you service with a virtual smile, beyond your expectations.

For On-SiteRemote Technical Services for your HOME or SMALL BUSINESS… Call Hofer’s Computer Fix it at [630] 945-8245 right now to get the help you need with your computer technology….

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